The 1st international cyber radio station of Bangladesh ‘Radio Beatz’ has officially launched. True to its designation, Radio Beatz is an internet radio station having RJs & DJs from all around the world. Beatz promises to deliver quality content which will serve the need of entertainment of its listeners. Alongside regular live shows, Beatz […]

Radio Beatz can now be heard via ANDROID APP. Beatz has launched an Android App where listeners can hear live shows & all other content of Radio Beatz for free. Click here to download the App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.radiobeatz.app&hl=en Please leave a review in Google Play Store if you like our app!

Radio Beatz has launched a platform (service of Zeno Media) which enables 2-way interaction between show host & listeners in a live show. Now listeners of Radio Beatz can ‘Call In’ the live show directly from their mobile, computer, tablet or from any other device having an internet connection. By calling in “FOR FREE”, listeners […]

Radio Beatz is proud to present “Beatz News”, a one-stop news service covering Bangladesh & the globe. Beatz News is dedicated to featuring the latest info of the entertainment arena as well as other topics too. Read news here: www.beatznews.com The section will also cover stories, happenings, gossips, biographies etc. of celebrities. Beatz News will […]

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