Why Missandei Says Dracarys & What It Means

Written by on May 7, 2019

Game of Thrones Season 8 has almost come to an end with only 2 episodes left to air. As the show is gradually decreasing its lifespan things are about to get tough. The last episode just added a can of oil in the burning tension. With the air of Episode 4 we are approaching towards the climax of the battle for the Iron Throne. This whole mixed chaotic episode had a stubborn ending in which only ‘one’ word may have revealed what happens in the next episode. The following article contains SPOILER from Episode 4. If you haven’t seen Episode 4 yet please ignore this article.  

In this episode, a vital companion of the dragon queen Missandei was captured when Euron’s fleet launched an ambush towards Daenerys Targaryen’s marching team & killed one of her dragons. In the final moments, Missandei is seen to stand beside Cersei in the top of the tower. Dany watches on as Tyrion attempts to negotiate for her life and tells Cersei to surrender (at least for the sake of her baby). Unfortunately, his diplomacy fails and Cersei turns to Missandei and tells her to share any final words. Missandei looks to her queen below and declares “dracarys.”

In High Valyrian, the word ‘dracarys’ means “dragon fire”. this word is used by Daenerys to signal her dragons to fire upon her enemies. In this case the final utterance by Missandei may have a deep meaning. By saying dracarys, Missandei pledges her allegiance and support to her queen. It may also indicate her telling Dany to burn the city to the ground by her last remaining dragon & destroy Cersei in the same way as she did to the rest of her enemies.

The word also has some significance to the relationship between Missandei and Dany. The two first met when Missandei was still a slave who served as an interpreter to slave-trader Kraznys mo Nakloz of Astapor. Dany ultimately frees Missandei by ordering the enslaved Unsullied to turn on the slave-traders of Astapor. In the fray of the uprising, Dany turns to Kraznys and calmly says “dracarys.” Upon hearing the instruction, her dragon Drogon breathes a ball of fire onto the slave-trader and reduces him to ashes. Missandei’s choice of her final word is almost certainly a callback to this moment and Dany’s impact on her life.

After the episode aired, Nathalie Emmanuel, who portrays Missandei, tweeted, “Dracarys.” She followed this up with her own personal translation, “Burn the bish.”

Fun fact: A coffee cup from Starbucks was accidentally showed in this episode!

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